Minor Roof & Gutter Repairs

Your roof is one of the most important part of your home or businesses so it is very important that you maintained it at best condition. Regular maintenance improve and keeps your roof longevity. That’s why it’s worth to consider hiring a good roof maintenance and gutter cleaning specialist from time to time.

Cleaning your gutters. We also have the ability to do some minor roof or gutter repairs, like:

  • Tile replacement with tiles taken from your site stock

It is extremely cost-effective to repair tiles with industrial-grade silicon (very efficient and economical).

  • Wakaflex: Temporary roof repairs – flexible flashing repair product similar to lead flashing without the dangers of lead
  • Repair leaking gutter joints: We will clean the area surrounding the leaking joint and remove any old silicone. Then, we will use industrial-grade silicon to repair the damaged area.
  • Gutters that are sagging towards the nearest drainpipes should be restrapped


At Gutterman, we offer range of minor roof repair services to our customer within Sydney metro area. Our services includes repairing broken tiles , ridge cap damage , rusted gutters or down pipes , air vent installation, tracing and locating roof leaks.

We start by inspecting the roof and assess its overall condition then provide cost effective recommendation and obligation free quote for repair, maintenance or improvements. Calll us today! 1300 858 798